Historian (Comparative World) | Material Culture | Digital Media & Pedagogy | Marketing & Communications Specialist

I am a Historian and a digital media/marketing specialist with 15+ years’ experience in non-profits and academia.

Through my professional and academic training I have gained the ability to write grant proposals and obtain funding; I have received accolades for outstanding service in the academic community; I have the ability to translate multiple languages; I have extensive technological skills (such as Python and InDesign); my project management expertise includes budget and strategic plan development to publication(s) creation; I have an understanding in the importance of collaboration with other scholars or peers; and my analytical and research aptitude is evidenced in my academic/professional portfolio.

Academically, I am a Comparative World Historian with a specialization in the early modern period. My research examines the ways in which material culture might be considered in the context of developing a collective identity as it is applied to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its political and cultural exchanges with the Ottoman Empire.

In the last six years, I have designed and taught history and art history classes and upper-level honors classes in material culture and digital media. Recently I have served as a tutor-mentor for “Doing Digital Art History” (a Getty Institute-funded program) and as an instructor for GMU’s international graduate student community.

During my time at RRCHNM, I helped to design a digital platform for the Toynbee Prize Foundation to circulate scholarly communication regarding the state of global history and was the publication’s editor. In this role, I formed relationships with academic partners within the United States and internationally. In addition to my work on the Toynbee Prize Foundation website, I served as co-editor for Global Perspectives on Digital History (GPDH). This particular background allows me to integrate traditional scholarship into a digital platform, which is a beneficial tool that works to highlight one’s scholarship while reaching a larger audience – inside and outside the academic community.

I hold a Ph.D. in History and M.A. degrees in History and Art History with a focus on digital media, visual culture, and the early modern world.

As indicated by my résumé, I have previously held several positions in which I have honed my marketing, public relations, and communications skills in exercising creative decision-making in extremely time-sensitive environments. I have also had many opportunities to oversee and assign job duties to staff worldwide and manage numerous large- and small-scale events. In addition, writing and reviewing crucial communications has allowed me to sharpen my composition, production, and editorial abilities.

Some things I enjoy outside of researching are good conversation, great books, traveling, and museums.


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